Yoga Poses For Lumbopelvic Syndrome - Lower Back Pain

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Yoga is an ancient art form that has been in existence for generations and is gaining more recognition with every passing day.
The growing fame of yoga for stress relief is due to its immense benefits that are not only long-lasting and wide but also without any kind of harmful side effects. Yoga can not only help ensure great physical health but also makes sure that one's mental health is rejuvenated.

Today there are numerous yoga schools both in India and abroad that teach yoga and its various forms. These schools offer a variety of courses like the 300-hour yoga course aimed to provide around the understanding of this practice and groom individuals into experts.

With more and more people involving themselves in the practice of yoga, it is getting recognized as one of the best methods to ensure quality living.

What is Lumbopelvic Syndrome or Lower Back Pain?

Lumbopelvic syndrome commonly known as Lower back pain is a problem where an individual suffers pain or dysfunction in their lumbopelvic area.
One of the most common problems of the lumbopelvic syndrome is LBP or Lower Back Pain. It is also often accompanied by joint pains in the areas and the body joints.

The Lumbopelvic Syndrome is caused by leading a sedentary lifestyle and is very common in today's world and the urban modern society.

Today people working in the service industry or living in modern society hardly perform any kind of physical labor. Most of their work is limited to offices where they spend unprecedented hours.

This causes an increase in the weight of the people and also causes their back to get stiff because of lack of movement.

This is one of the reasons for the occurrences' of Lumbopelvic Syndrome or Lower Back Pain among adults. There are various ways to get rid of this problem, yoga is one of the most effective.

Yoga Poses for Lumbopelvic Syndrome

In this article, we will be discussing how you can get rid of one of the most common health problems in your life through the use of simple yoga poses.

You can either practice the yoga poses on your own or even join courses such as the . These courses provide a professional outlook to the practice and ensure fast results as trainers overlook whether you are performing the poses properly.

There are various yoga poses or asanas ranked that can be performed to provide relief to the lower back pains experienced by individuals. We have listed the best asanas to provide instant lower back pain relief. Some of the yoga asanas to help with lumbopelvic syndrome or lower back pain are as follows:


Ardha Ananda Balasana or the Half Happy Baby Pose:

The Ardha ananda balasana or the half-happy baby pose is one of the best poses to help with lumbopelvic syndrome. This is because while performing this asana an individual stretches their lower back and pelvic area.
As a result of this the lower back muscles experiences relief and this, in turn, helps with the lumbopelvic syndrome.
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Konasana also called the Angle Pose:

The Konasana or the Angle Pose is performed by standing on the yoga mat, spreading the legs apart, and then stretching the hands in the opposite direction upward. This asana increases the bodies' physical flexibility and helps to provide better movements of the muscles and joints.
This helps to work on reducing lower backaches and lumbopelvic syndrome.

3. Supta Padangusthasana or the Reclining Big Toe Pose:

The sputa pandangusthasana is performed by lying on the back and stretching the waist and legs upward. This pose is designed to help reduce problems arising from immobility of the body and stretch the joints.

This in turn helps to reduce lower back pains and other accompanied joint pains.

4. Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose:

The bhujangasana or the cobra pose has countless benefits one being its miracles on reduction of the lower back pains.

This asana increases the joint strengths and resilience of the body. The bhujangasana also helps to reduce extra weight and increase flexibility thus attacking the root cause of the lumbopelvic syndrome.

5. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or the Supported Bridge Pose:

The Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is a very common and well-known asana to help stretch the lower back area and also to help reduce body weight.

Also known as the supported bridge pose, this yoga pose reduces stress caused by muscle and joint pains. Along with reducing weight and reducing muscle stress, the setu bandha Sarvangasana is a great way to combat lumbopelvic syndrome.

6. Tadasana or the Palm tree pose:

This is a very simple yoga pose that helps to keep the body active by stretching the muscles.

This asana can also be performed as a warm-up and helps to reduce any kind of joint pains and providing immediate relief. This asana is particularly effective in reducing the lumbopelvic syndrome by stretching the joints gently, providing nervous stress relief, increasing muscle motion, and burning the extra body fat.

Swami Sachidanand, born in Chandigarh, North India embarked on his spiritual journey at a young age, spending much of his childhood in meditation. He was born and initiated into the Vedantic Tradition. Yoga, especially Bhakti Yoga and Meditation are his lifelong passions and he longs to share these with the world.

He has organized many advance and worldwide.