What Is The Measurements For A Dart Board

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The balance you choose matters, and it should be such that will keep your body fixed. Your arm is allowed to move with negligible little discomfort to your body, and your toe should just touch the floor to get the right throw.

This is the line where you're supposed to stand for electronic dartboard standard ta darts.  You'll want to have some way to denote this line.  If you're putting in carpet you may want something on the wall.  If you're going to stain your floors or put down tile, you might consider putting in a special design at that location so looks seem-less.

A standard dart board, or electronic dartboard as some call it a "clock" board, measures 18 inches in diameter. In order to avoid confusion, there are standard international dart board measures that most of the manufacturers respect to the letter.

Your expertise in this art depends on how well you develop yourself in these three ways. In order to throw a dart properly, the thrower must observe three essential techniques and methods, namely; throw, grip and stance. So let’s look at the throw, grip and stance one by one and follow this guide for the perfect throw:

Although most of the people around the globe will follow the general rules and standard measurements when mounting the dart board, there can still be some deviations. Sometimes board heights or throw-line distances can be different.

This is plenty big enough for most home games and still gives you the chance to work on your aim. The regulation size of a tournament bristle board is 18 inches in diameter. This is different for electronic dartboard boards and the regulation size of most of these models is 15.5 inches. This means from one side to the other is 18 inches.

It also makes the board more portable if you plan to move it around to different locations. Battery power is great as it means that you don’t have to worry about the board being used somewhere near a power socket.